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Laser Pain Relief  

We have been successfully utilizing Cold Laser therapy since 2005 and recently added Class IV Laser therapy for a more profound effect on reducing pain and healing time.  Therapy lasers supply therapeutic energy in the form of light which is absorbed by the cells.  Therapeutic laser light causes an increase in cellular energy within the weakened or damaged cells, therefore increasing the cells ability to heal.The cascade of benefical effects that take place with laser therapy are: marked reduction in pain, endorphin release,  improved cellular metabolism, improved circulation, reduction of inflammation, improved tissue healing and improved nerve function.  More than 2000 research studies have been conducted to date demonstrating the benefits of laser therapy.

We have had outstanding results using Laser Therapy for:  arthritis, muscular sprain/strain, carpal tunnel, nerve damage, asthma, cystitis, smoking cessation, vertigo, acute and chronic pain and much more.