Hormone Replacement Therapy in Danville, CA

Your hormones manage numerous facets of your total well-being, such as your energy levels, as well as your sex drive. Hormonal imbalances can happen in anyone, whether resulting from stress, getting older, or having children. Hormonal balances commonly lead to issues, like tiredness, low libido, insomnia, and increased weight. At Align Healing Center, we utilize bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to optimize your hormone levels and allow you to gain breakthroughs in your energy, sexual desire, and mental acuity. Peptide therapy is another option we offer. Certain peptides act as hormones, controlling or triggering certain cellular actions. They can help your body maintain a hormonal balance and prevent age-related chronic diseases. Contact our office in Danville, CA to set up a consultation to learn more about this therapy.


After a detailed discussion and exam with our team, your personalized BHRT treatment outline will be provided. To start the therapy, a blood panel and other diagnostic testing will be performed to investigate your existing hormone numbers. This will enable us to figure out the amount and type of therapy that could help you the most, as well as the hormones that are imbalanced. Your procedure might adjust based on the variant of BHRT that is preferred. BHRT is generally given as either oral pills, small pellets that are introduced underneath the skin (pellet therapy), or injections. The hormones are chemically the same as the body's naturally occurring hormones.

If peptide therapy is selected, patients may opt for peptides in capsule form. Peptides are regulatory hormones that control the production and release of certain hormones, such as follicle-stimulating hormones and luteinizing hormones, which regulate male and female reproductive health. Our therapy also measures sex hormone binding globulin and prolactin, both of which can influence the action and levels of major sex hormones, like testosterone.

At Align Healing Center, hormone replacement therapy is an excellent solution to help balance your hormones, boost your mental state, and improve your sexual desire. The benefits of this hormone treatment at our Danville, CA practice are:

  • Addressing the symptoms of menopause
  • Enhancing sleep quality
  • Improving mood and lessening mood fluctuations
  • Improving sex drive and performance
  • Slowing or reversing baldness
  • Improving mental abilities
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Hormones are structurally the same as those created by the body
  • Burning fat and building lean muscle mass

I want to share my continued satisfaction and appreciation of Michelle, one of the nurses at AH. She is so kind and knowledgeable. She explains each product and procedure so that I can make the best decision for my skin type. Aging isn't fun, but Michelle puts me at ease and treats me with respect. She is truly a wonderful nurse.I would like to add that all my interactions with Elyse have been so positive as well. Dr. Niele has a knack for choosing excellent employees that really care about the patients. Align Healing is a wonderful place work on your insides and your outsides.:)

S.K. Yelp

Ive seen Niele through my post pregnancy chiropractic needs and she was able to mend my lower back! The staff is always so great and accommodating! Having my first IV today and so far very easy and relaxing.

C.H. Google

Dr. Niele and everyone at Align Healing are absolutely incredible. I have come with quite a few different issues from concussion support to bloodwork panel testing to overall energy - all have been addressed with such holistic expertise and care. I feel phenomenal now and cannot recommend Dr. Niele and Align Healing Center enough!

L.R. Google

Always great service and the staff is amazing! Great selection of services and my go to for IVs!!

T. Google

Michelle was friendly,informative and walked me through the process. Office was warm and inviting. I will be returning for future iv therapy. Thank you Align.

C.R. Google


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Aging is a part of life, but fatigue and mood shifts shouldn't have to be. We welcome you to book a consultation at Align Healing Center in Danville, CA to discover more regarding the benefits of BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) or peptide therapy. These therapies can be custom-tailored to your specific objectives so you can achieve relief from imbalanced hormones and get on track to feeling better.



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