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At Align Healing Center in Danville, CA, we are dedicated to helping you achieve holistic health and vitality through functional medicine. If you're looking to shed unwanted pounds and enhance your well-being, our innovative weight loss program is designed for you. We utilize tirzepatide, a revolutionary peptide therapy, in combination with the principles of functional medicine to create a comprehensive and effective approach to weight loss. Our program goes beyond traditional calorie counting and restrictive diets, focusing instead on identifying and addressing the root causes of weight gain and metabolic dysfunction. By conducting personalized evaluations, our weight loss team customizes treatment plans to meet your unique needs, ensuring you achieve sustainable weight loss and optimal health. Schedule a consultation at our Danville, CA office to get started.

Starting a weight loss journey offers numerous advantages that extend beyond just shedding pounds. Our comprehensive approach to weight loss not only targets the physical aspect but also enhances overall health and well-being. Here are some key benefits of our weight loss treatment:

  • Sustainable Weight Loss: Our approach promotes lasting weight loss by addressing underlying metabolic imbalances and encouraging healthy lifestyle changes
  • Improved Metabolic Health: The combination of targeted therapies and functional medicine optimizes metabolic function, regulates appetite, and enhances insulin sensitivity, leading to better blood sugar control and a lower risk of chronic diseases
  • Enhanced Overall Well-Being: Beyond shedding pounds, our program focuses on improving your overall health, helping you feel more energetic, confident, and vibrant

Our weight loss treatment begins with a comprehensive personalized assessment, including a review of your medical history, lifestyle habits, metabolic markers, and nutritional status, supplemented by a detailed blood test to develop a tailored treatment plan. Central to our program is tirzepatide therapy, a powerful tool for appetite suppression, calorie reduction, and metabolic optimization, known for its superior weight loss results and fewer side effects compared to semaglutide. Under the guidance of our experienced healthcare providers, your tirzepatide dosage will be customized and closely monitored for safety and efficacy. Nutrition also is key to our approach, incorporating vitamin shots, metabolic supplements, weekly injections, and weigh-ins to enhance metabolic function and support sustainable weight loss. Our program emphasizes whole, nutrient-dense foods and provides continuous guidance to facilitate lasting lifestyle changes. Additionally, our team offers ongoing monitoring and support, with regular follow-ups to track your weight, fat loss, and muscle mass, addressing challenges and celebrating your progress throughout your journey.

$250 initial functional lab fee - qualifies you for the program
$950 a month (4 injections 2.5-5mg)
$1250 a month (4 injections 5.5mg-8mg)
$1550 a month (4 injections 8.5mg-10mg)
Lab re-testing: $50-$250
Supplements sold separately.

Dr. Niele and everyone at Align Healing are absolutely incredible. I have come with quite a few different issues from concussion support to bloodwork panel testing to overall energy - all have been addressed with such holistic expertise and care. I feel phenomenal now and cannot recommend Dr. Niele and Align Healing Center enough!

L.R. Google

Always great service and the staff is amazing! Great selection of services and my go to for IVs!!

T. Google

Michelle was friendly,informative and walked me through the process. Office was warm and inviting. I will be returning for future iv therapy. Thank you Align.

C.R. Google

Have been coming here for years. Anytime I have an injury or need help with recovering from an illness, Align has my back (literally). I recommend the ozone treatments if you are an active person.

L.M. Google

If you are seeking all things healing, this is your place to go. Their IVs are the highest quality and the care is even better. Dr. Niele, Nicole, and the rest of the staff really take the time to answer questions and educate me when I ask. Their attention to detail and informative healing allowed me to gain confidence in taking control of my health!! 10/10, I highly recommend!!

C.S. Google


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At Align Healing Center, we offer more than just a weight loss program; we provide a supportive community dedicated to your success. Our personalized functional medicine approach targets the root causes of weight gain, empowering you to achieve lasting health and vitality. Whether you need to lose 25 pounds or more, our program is designed with your well-being as our top priority. to help you take the first step towards a healthier, happier life. Discover the unique advantages of our weight loss treatment at our Danville, CA practice, and schedule a consultation today to move toward a healthier, lighter, and more vibrant you.

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